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The Challengers of the Circle come in many forms and are called many different names. One coterie of sadists with power tools might be called "Tormenters" on the East Coast of the U.S., while another completely different coterie of vicious jailers in the Midwest bears the same name. Coteries of religious pain fanatics that call themselves "Tribulations" range across Europe and Canada provoking visions from (usually voluntary) subjects through expert anguish.

The only united element of these varied Acolytes and their coteries is that they are one and all inspired by the Circle's belief in personal enlightenment through tribulation. Challengers generally begin exploring the philsophy by testing and expanding their own limits, but eventually they may become celebrities among the covenant in their domain, and sometimes beyond. Being mutilated by a master Challenger carries a high degree of prestige within the Circle. Rarely, famous coteries of ceremonial torturers follow invitations, visiting different domains every night. These are the "glitterati," as it were, of the Challenger faction.

And in some domains, Challengers set out into the city on nights of revelry, testing vampire and mortal alike...with or without permission.

Known Challengers

  • Jezebelle - Respected Acolyte Daeva. Hierophant of Colorado. Known Seer of the Crone. (Played by Chloe French)
  • Vermiis - Valued Traveling Hierophant in Florida. Known Seer of the Crone. (Played by Wyatt Wheeler)
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